Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday October 29

Good morning everyone

I have begun my job here and I think I am finally getting over jet lag. Just when I think I'm okay, I hit a wall and have to rest.

An interesting thing about my apartment is that there are no hot water taps. To take a shower, I need to turn the gas heater on 3 or 4 minutes ahead of time. The bathroom is the only room that has hot water. In the kitchen I heat water on a two burner gas hot plate. There is also no central heating or cooling. Each room has a wall air conditioner, and I only have it on when I am in my apartment. My apartment has a second floor which has the bedrooms, but it is really hot up there, and since I am already cooling the living room, so I have decided to sleep on the couch. It is really quite comfortable, and saves a great deal in cooling costs.

To enter my apartment, I have to unlock three doors. The first door opens an area where there are three apartments off a foyer. The second door is a heavy iron gate in front of my entrance door. Its purpose is to allow me to leave my entrance door open for air flow if I chose. With the air on, I keep my entry door closed, but some of my neighbors open their entry door and through the iron bars of the door I can see the inside of their homes as I pass. My neighbor across the hall from me has a big dog, and it barks like crazy when it hears my key in the first door. How many days before I remember to expect it? I always feel like Hyacinth falling into the bushes at Daisy and Onslo's (for you "Keeping Up Appearances" fans.)

I like to go to the park in the morning and read the English newspaper. Since the streets are narrow and the buildings are tall, there isn't much air moving in the streets. The park is open and breezy. Since we are 13 hours ahead of Illinois, does that mean I will know who won the election before you do? Should I call and tell you?

I love reading your comments.



coffeejill said...

I can just see you doing your best "Hyacinth-in-great-shock-and-alarm" with that dog!! hahaha!! I figure, if you are like me, you will get used to it by the time you are ready to go home!!

I think it is awesome...I can just see you in the park reading your english newspaper, smelling the smells, listening to the sounds...very cool.

Have you found someone to translate for you yet??


Norma said...

Thanks for the posts. I love reading the descriptions of where you are. Did you bring knitting to do in the park?

Buttermilk was asking about you last night, so Buster told her you were in China. Maybe she'll get back into the house quicker now.

All's well back here. Thinking of you all the day.


rdeblieck said...

how interesting about the doors. tamara and i had 2 on the russian apts we were in, but they were solid. yours sounds like it makes sense. ours; now make me wonder why.... did you see that in russia? i love your updates. how pleasant that you have already found a little spot to call your own...right in a park in china!! there are very few people in this world who can say that. thanks for writing about the little things-- so interesting!!

Anonymous said...

Lois----WOW---what an experience!
How did you find that apt? Did they have that lined up for you?

We can relate to the "Hyacinth in the bushes" scene. That is one show we watch.

I am sure it is all so different and interesting. Keep us posted on your exciting life.


Bobby Boogie said...

Glad to here your getting around good. The Phillies just beat the d-rays 5-4,world series champs. To bad you stupid cubs!! Dilly, Dad and I all miss you. I have never seen the house so clean before jk jk. Dad says hi and is doing great.
Love Bob

Tapper said...

Hello there Mrs. Case,

This is Tapper...I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I found out you were in China. Bob and I went to lunch today and then we ended up at Guitar Center. You'll never guess what ol' Bob bought...maybe you will, but he bought a drum set. We are going to start a band...any band name ideas?

Anyway, how has the trip been so far? You should bring me back some clams or a little chinese person.(You can put him in your suitcase)j/k
Anyway, hope you have a safe trip back home!