Thursday, October 30, 2008

Later on Thursday

Yes, I am willing to tell on myself. Everyone here had a good chuckle, so you may as well, too

On my way to work this morning I stopped at the Pink Supermarket to buy some lunch and get some candy or cookies to bring home. I figure if I buy them a few at a time, they won't be so heavy to carry back to my apartment (about 1.5 mile walk). There was a group of Chinese tourists inthe store who were obviously getting snacks to take on a bus with them, so I stood back to watch what they bought figuring they know which stuff was the best. When they left I picked up the same package they several of them had bought. It looked like chocolate and toasted coconut.

After I got to work, I thought I would taste one, and share the rest with the students and the rest of the staff, and then get another package tomorrow to take home. To my surprise it wasn't chocolate and toasted coconut, but dried fish and seaweed. It was a little bit of a shock when I tasted it.

My question to the Chinese staff here was, "Why was it right next to the candy?" The answer was is a snack. Snacks are all together on the shelf.

So when you come to China, don't assume that something on the same shelf as the candy is something sweet. The Chinese staff really got a giggle out of my cultural ignorance, but they were very kind.


rdeblieck said...

i'm sorry to laugh at you, but that is pretty funny. what a learning experience! will you be smelling any "candy" that you try now before you take a bite? ha.

John Krumm said...

Wendy (well, & me and the boys and amanda) said yummy to dried fish & seaweed! We have to go to Chinatown or the Hawaiian store to get tasty snacks like that. Take care, stay safe, & love you!

coffeejill said...

It's kinda like thinking you are taking a drink of Coke, and instead it is Black Olive juice! hahaha!

Love ya!

Norma said...

What other fine delicacies will you discover? Maybe Ex-lax gum??

Take care. I hope you have found some cooler clothes to wear. Prop up that Asian economy!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Jokes on you.

It reminds me of the time Roger and I went to Hawiai and we went to this FANCY reception in a ballroom. Fancy hordorves everywhere. I thought one of them was a cracker with mint and then covered with chocolate. I couldn't wait to taste it. Turned out it was Cavier and guagamolie.
(Fish eggs!!!) Can you imagine being all dressed up fancy, and having to handle that bite?? Not a good experience.

Keep up the good work.


Pastor said...

It's great to read your comments, Lois. As I was preparing an All Saint's Day sermon, I am thinking about all the saints of every nation, tribe, and language gathering around the throne of the Lamb. Thank you for your work and witness to increase that number by the grace of God in Jesus.

You (and your family in America) remain in our prayers.