Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday October 27

Hi everyone!
I arrived in Hong Kong at 4:30 yesterday. We are 13 hours ahead of Illinois, so right now it is 3:30 in the afternoon here and you are all sleeping.

Today I took a walk around the neighborhood where I have my apratment. Itis in the older section of Macau and full of character and street vendors. I found a place for breakfast, and today I had macaroni with ham in a soup base. The team leader here told me that I will find the same menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It actually makes it pretty simple.

The temperature is very it is about 85, and I brought mostly fall clothes. So we went to a part of town where there are several export liquidators. I found some nice tee shirts for about a buck a piece.

We are having dinner at one of the other teacher's home tonight. Everyone here is so helpful, and I am looking forward to starting my job of developing curriculm tomorrow.


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coffeejill said...

Awesome awesome awesome!! SO glad you made it safely!! Love you!!