Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday evening Novenber 2, 2008

This has been a very interesting day. We had church this morning, and I caught parts of it on my Flip video (thank you John Deere staff). The service is done in English and Chinese. The sermon is translated into English by one of the members as it is given. The woman who translated is a student at the Center, and her English is quite good. She gets a copy of the sermon ahead of time, and the pastor stops every few minutes for her to translate. The litergy is done in Chinese, but the foreigners (that's what they call us) say it in English at the same time. Same with the hymns. They are sung in English and Chinese simultaniously. The hymn books and the Bibles are are in both English and Chinese: Chinese verses first, English verses below.

One thing I didn't know about the Chinese language is that although there are two different dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese, there is only one written language. So if the televsion, for example, is on there are always written Chinese subtitles. So both Mandarin and Cantonese speakers can watch the same program.

The church here is small, but the members are very dedicated. It is easier to be a Christian in Macau than it is in Mainland China. Macau has 50 years from 1999 to become a full member of the People's Republic, so they still have most of their own government.

A couple of the other teachers and I went shopping this afternoon. I see very little of the stuff they ship to Wal Mart. The clothes here are pretty much western style, and while you would expect to see lots of souvenier shops, there really aren't that many. There are a lot of street vendors, but they sell things that the locals need to buy. I expected to see more Europeans and more western tourists. The tourists that we see are from Mainland China and most of them are in the Casino areas. The casinos are everywhere here, and they are as big and glitzy as Las Vegas. The students I have talked to say what most people say when gambling comes to their area: It has brought about as many problems as it has solutions. The casino jobs pay better, so that's a good thing, but it has also changed the complexion of the city.

Tomorrow is the teachers' day off. I am planning to meet with the team leader and then go to
the beach. It is between 85 - 90 degrees every day here.

I appreciate your comments. It's good to know someone is reading this. :)


Norma said...

Your church service sounds interesting. Is the hymn where your pastor discovered the mistake correct in their hymn book? :)

What ocean/sea is the island in? Is the water clear? I feel badly about your clothes and the weather. What a hassle. When I was in Greece, I couldn't find anything to fit me in the stores.

I didn't understand your comment about Wal Mart. Are you seeing what you would or would not see here? Are electronics any cheaper? I could use an IPod. JOKING.

Day light savings time ended last night. I'm so confused. I had to change my spreadsheet for the time difference.

David, Mary and the boys say "Hey."
We talked about your trip at supper last night.

Love you,

Norma said...

OK, never mind. I went back and re-read your post. I understand. There is no Wal Mart stuff at the steet vendors' booths. :)


lizardking84 said...

Hi Mom I am glad that you are having a good time and safe. i miss you and can't wait too see you at christmas Me and alicia were fred and wilma for holloween. have a great day and I will talk to you tomarrow.

lizardking84 said...

P.S. I love you

jconroy said...

hey I can't figure out how to leave a comment..although I am keenly interested in reading about your adventures!!!

rdeblieck said...

a trip to the beach? it sounds fun. we'll look forward to hearing about that....somehow, i think there will be at least a few things that will make us raise our eyebrows and go "huh?" ha. :)

coffeejill said...

Very interesting...must be that the Chinese just make junk to ship here to the states! haha!

You should post some pictures here on your blog of your apartment, your shopping/market district, the church, etc!

I would love to see pics before you get home.

I love you and am really missing you!! I even picked up my phone to give you a ring yesterday, and then thought....drat!

Hope you continue to have a great time! Enjoy China~! Too soon you will be back home!! I am so proud of you for doing this awesome mission! You are my hero!!

Love ya...Jill

ps---Joe and Cassie and Devin and Tyler say hi!!

Pps...Tyler is really being great! Can't wait to tell you about it!!


Sharon Menke said...

Hi, Lois

I finally figured out how to find your blog. I typed an entire comment only to not know how to post it, so I'm trying again. I read all or your entries today. They are interesting and fun to read. I forgot you were actually going to work.

We just finished fall break. Now I'm seeing Christmas and Halloween decorations at the same time. That's my pet peeve, you know.

I called Denny today only to get him machine and a message that said
I couldn't leave a message because his tape was full. Made you smile didn't it!

Enjoy each day and I'll enjoy reading your entries.

Sharon Menke

suev said...

Hi friend,
I finally found the blog and Richard figured out how to send a message back, hope this works.
It so interesting to read about your adventures! Everything is going along as usual here. I was at Dads this weekend. It was 70degrees today we could have had a bike ride except the time changed and it is dark by 5:30. Always something. Take care and I will keep reading your blog.


coffeejill said...

I am having almost as much fun reading others' comments as I am your blog!!


jconroy said...

looks as if those of us who aren't quite so savvy with computers are beginning to figure this out! don't forget to find out how the phone books are organized...I can hardly sleep at night wondering....